PGAGOLFDAY Section Registration

Section Registration

PGA Golf Day costs your Section NOTHING out of pocket.

Based on national averages over the years, we've found that for every person taking part in PGA Golf Day, their Section raises about $1,400 annually. This means if you can recruit just 30 professionals to take on the challenge, you'll see about $40,000 come into your Foundation's bank account. 

We've had individual professionals raise over $30,000 each year for several years running, i.e. Sean Goben back when he was in the Southwest Section (he ran the 100 holes in the desert!). Incredible exposure for the pros, and spectacular resources are generated and presented locally to golf and non-golf related programs alike. 

If your PGA Section is considering taking part in the PGA Golf Day program, please fill in the form below. A fellow PGA Member will contact you directly to discuss how it works and answer whatever questions you may have. Click here if you would like to see videos and demonstrations of the PGA Golf Day program and